Co-Op issue
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When I hit the co op servers and look for open servers , I don't see much. What I have figured out and whats for ME is this. If my filters are set to default I can see some servers but not all. I cannot see Zombie servers unless I actually host a zombie map or have a zombie mod. But for some reason I cannot get anyone to ever come in(I am still working to see what the problem is). I use a Linksys router which could be the problem for hosting but that should have nothing to do with the filters. If I change any filter I hardly see any servers. So when I want to see say a zombie map, I have to host, then leave back to the lobby, then refresh the servers and finally I can see the zombie servers. Anyone know of this, is there a fix coming or what is causing it?

Please help.

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Wednesday 13 Jun, 2018 @ 02:32PM