Athletes honored at Delaware Sports Awards
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Athletes honored at Delaware Sports Awards

Philadelphia Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos called himself “the least athletic guy in the room” Wednesday night during the Delaware Sports Awards at the Bob Carpenter Center.

36 and a native Texan, detailed how “magic saved my life” after,Authentic Marshawn Lynch Jersey,Dorenbos,Authentic Brian Dawkins Jersey, at age 12, his father murdered his mother. He and his sister first lived in a foster home before being raised by their aunt.

basketball and baseball in high school,Nelson Agholor Jersey, then attended junior college and found his way to Texas-El Paso by sending a tape of teammates' highlights he said were his. He has played 14 NFL seasons,He went on to play football,Authentic Alshon Jeffery Jersey, including the last 11 with the Eagles.

which he decided as a young teen were his calling in life, have also earned acclaim,But his magic and card tricks, including Dorenbos' appearances on the TV series "America's Got Talent."

Dorenbos stopped to perform some of his card tricks and magic that could be seen on the video screens, reminding the audience that “Out of every bad,Wearing an Eagles cap backward and moving around the arena with a portable microphone, there's good.”

setting outdoor marks in the 100 (11.59 seconds), 200 (23.63) and 400 (53.93) meters. She was three-time Division I state champion in the 100 and 200 – an achievement matched by only one other Delaware female sprinter,Lampkin re-wrote the state track and field record book during her Middletown career, Delcastle's Rhondale Jones (1996-98) – and Lampkin was also 400 champ as a junior in 2016.

she has represented the United States in a meet in Cuba, won a race at the prestigious Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden in New York City and earned selection to the Nike Elite Sprint Camp in Eugene,Along the way, Oregon. Next, she's off to the University of Alabama.

215-pound Roberts was a three-time first-team All-State selection in football and 2016 co-Defensive Player of the Year as a Concord linebacker. He graduated early and enrolled during the spring semester at the University of Nebraska. Of his 135 tackles last year, 18 were for negative yardage. He also forced three fumbles,The 6-foot-2, recovered four and scored two defensive touchdowns.

third straight and closed a 23-1 season in which Ursuline won its last 22 games after falling 54-49 to Rufus King of Milwaukee in the She Got Game Classic in Upper Marlboro,The Raiders' title was their 17th in the tournament's 45-year history, Maryland. Ursuline was 16th in USA Today's final national top 25 and beat teams from six different states.

” Ursuline coach John Noonan, “but one of the things I'm most proud of is the schedule that we play,Marshawn Lynch Jersey,Authentic Nelson Agholor Jersey,“You think about Cape Henlopen [nine-time girls lacrosse state champ] and how they win every year, going 23-1 against these out-of-state teams,Carson Wentz Jersey,Brian Dawkins Jersey, winning the Diamond State Classic. I think we solidified ourselves as a really good basketball team. We're proud of that.”

who retired this year after 41 seasons at Sussex Central. Shultie replaced Delaware Sports Hall-of-Famer Herm Bastianelli,Alshon Jeffery Jersey,Authentic Carson Wentz Jersey, for whom he had wrestled,The state coach of the year was Phil Shultie, as coach in 1976-77. He guided the Golden Knights to 432 victories, with the last certainly being among the most satisfying as Sussex Central stunned four-time defending champ Smyrna 32-30 for the Division I state team title Feb. 14 in the Smyrna gym.

2016,Caesar Rodney's Zoe Scott was named Inspirational Personality of the Year after coming back from surgery that caused transient paralysis and left her with limited sensation in her hands. Yet she started for the Riders' Henlopen Conference championship basketball team and also competed in track and field. Scott had the surgery Jan. 18, to have a tumor removed from her neck and didn't play basketball again until last summer.

cross country, basketball and softball, in which Milford won the state championship. Ludman excelled in soccer,Bowe starred in field hockey, as a kicker in football, and in basketball and baseball. Both received multiple All-State honors.

The Nike I Am Sport honoree was Keegan Cahill of Newark Charter School. The program recognizes those who have a passion for sports that they've passed on to others, including younger students and those in Unified and Special Olympics.

The key for him as a football player, was finding his niche as a long snapper. Dorenbos had been a tight end, fullback, receiver and linebacker in high school. In college he played defensive end, he said, linebacker and fullback, and began to master the long-snapper skills.

” he said,“Football helped me find myself, “but magic saved my life . . . I could go to a football field and hit somebody legally and take my aggressions out. Then I could go home and shuffle a deck of cards for hours and be in a completely different space of calmness and almost tranquility and just self-thought.”

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