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With the development of shoe culture and current trends in nike free 5.0 mens uk cheap culture and contact, the design of basketball shoes is not limited to serving basketball itself. Taking the original basketball shoes as a blueprint, combined with the fashion trend and the design concept of wearing the field became a big demand for the shoe market. With the development of the shoe culture, fashion, comfort, and popularity have become a requirement of the new era of shoes, and they have sought to meet such requirements from appearance, configuration, and materials. There is no shortage of quality products. Which pair can you put it down?

Adidas Crazy 1

nike free run flyknit 2017 uk Using Crazy 1 as a prototype, through the re-shaping of modern craftsmanship, we commonly refer to bread shoes that are not bloated at all, but are presented in a smooth and streamlined manner. Braided uppers also bring fine texture to the creation of this pair of shoes, as well as the best comfort and air permeability. Combined with neoprene rubber sole and high-quality leather-modified uppers, the texture and level of the pair of shoes are further enhanced. Because this is a down-to-earth leisure fund belonging to Adidas Originals, the midsole has absolutely no reservations about the original Crazy 1 and is totally focused on the lifestyle market. The design of the groove in the outsole is a complete restoration of the original Crazy 1, also became the symbol of this pair of casual funds generally declare that I am Crazy 1.

KITH LeBron 15

Before and after this year's All-Star game, trend brand Kith and LeBron 15 launched a joint event, launching KITH LeBron 15. In the solid-colored version of the woven shoe upper, the original dragon womens nike free flyknit sale scale pattern was changed to the floral pattern contrasting with the color theme, and in the non-single flower color combination, the pattern was perfectly displayed in combination with the texture. On the other hand, in the introduction of four color combinations, the structure of the shoes has also been adjusted and changed. The two models are Lifestyle versions, adding a metal zipper to the original shoelace section, giving the shoes a unique metallic feel, and a sock-like design in the upper that is more comfortable to wear. The use of straps in the other two colors at the crotch and instep position is more suitable for actual combat. This co-produced KITH LeBron 15 is a work of art in every detail, combined with the design of KITH's trend in the integration of uppers and colors, it is definitely the best in the real world.

Adidas Dame Lillard 4

In 2015, during the Asian Tour experience in Tokyo, Lillard had a keen interest in BAPE, which was born on the streets of Harajuku, Japan, and has a strong interest in the world-famous Japanese street fashion brand. In this All-Star game, Lillard also put on the beautiful joint Dame 4 and performed well. This dual-brand model introduced three color combinations in black, red and green respectively, embellished the body with BAPE's camouflage camouflage, placed the WGM (World Gone Mad) alphabet design in the position of the socks, and subtly combined Dame 4's smooth outer bottom line shapes the BAPE sharks with a zigzag pattern. This jagged pattern coincides with the original jagged lines on the outer sole. All of BAPE's iconic elements are perfectly integrated with this Dame 4 and are therefore highly popular.

Nike Flight Bonafide

The design of this one-piece body and sock, which is very popular with the 2017 year Fashion Bonafide, will be presented in a woven shoe upper. The design of the shoelace was completely eliminated, and the zippered part was added to the heel of the shoe. This kind of design also has a brand-new experience in putting on and off. The original iconic big eye design of the shoes was retained, and the combination of the new upper was even more futuristic and scientific. This pair of shoes also became the darling of last year's sneakers, wearing a comfortable and very fashionable, simple and stylish design popular with the public.

Nike Hyperdunk Lux

nike free flyknit mens sale Hyperdunk 2008 is a pair of milestone actual combat shoes, and the best quality of this combat shoe is also a casual trend. There are two versions, one is the use of woven materials to shape the main shoe upper, and the upper part of the toe cap and the upper is made of high-bright leather, which makes the shoes have both the texture of the handicrafts and the fashionable sense of the modern trend; the second version. It is more like the style of autumn and winter seasons, the upper fully uses a suede material to create a classic autumn and winter models texture, wearing more suitable for off-field collocation. In order to better integrate into the field under the wear and with the two versions have also removed the Nike logo placed on the body of the shoes, making it a very good leisure trend.

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