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It's already June, so there's only a messy three months for FIFA 18 in the shops! We know that Cristiano Ronaldo is the posterboy and the game appears on September 29th. What changes does EA Sports have for us?

10. New leagues
Now one after the other top player (and Nemanja Gudelj) moves to the far east, EA Sports can no longer handle the Chinese Super League. You can say that this competition will be playable in FIFA 18; Whether we want it or not. The Chinesen have a pocket money for it. Or two.

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Chinese super league FIFA 18© EA Sports
9. New Chapter of The Journey
The adventure of Alex Hunter is a refreshing and popular addition to FIFA 17, and EA has announced the new season. How that new story takes shape is unknown. However, the EA boss said that new story lines and characters were being developed.

10-big-changes-in-fifa-17 story mode© EA Sports
8. Penalty and free stairway system goes on the shovel
No, a fierce success, the new FIFA 17 free staircase and penalty system has never become. Although we have been under control by now, your player still seems to get a spontaneous attack on polio if he fires off the penalty spot. In addition, a Youtube tutorial of EA itself was required to explain the free steps. It would be crazy if this system remains the same after all criticisms.

This way you will never get a free kick in FIFA 17© YouTube
7. Oh, and corners too
It looks so promising: that yellow circle that lets you determine the place of your corner. After trying a couple of times, it seems more based on coincidence than precision. Today we only take short corners so that you can give the ball at least normal. This system is also untenable in FIFA 18.

6. Little changes in graphics
FIFA 17 was first built in the Frostbite engine, which gives the look and feel of the game a significant boost. Players look better than ever (okay, except in the Eredivisie then). The occurrence is also that it can not be much better. EA may be a little bit fine but expects in FIFA 18 no shocking improvements in graphics.

5-great-changes-demo-fifa-17-main© EA Sports
5. Small changes in the gameplay
For years, there has been a complaint about FIFA's inertia or the crazy fears that your digital players sometimes get out of hand, but good: in previous parts we saw only minor changes in the gameplay. A new way of fitting, a new way of shooting, and so on. In FIFA 18, we expect more attention for ...

4. Smarter players and faster conversions
Pay attention to our words: EA will pay more attention to tactical conversions in FIFA 18. That's all about archaeological rival PES. In PES 2017, you can use modern push-button tactics such as Repeat and Tiki Taka, where we've been fasting in FIFA for years as well as "high pressure" and "ultra attacking". Moreover, in PES (unlike FIFA), it does not pay for the same tactics for long: the opponent's AI will recognize and fight against it. It makes PES a more intelligent game than FIFA, and EA can not let it down!

5-great-changes-demo-fifa-17-4© EA Sports
3. Virtual reality
It's a promise that's not emailed, but companies like Sony put millions into Virtual Reality. Now that FIFA 17 is built on a modern engine, the next step is to equip FIFA 18 with VR. Not for nothing, the EA boss said at a press conference that FIFA 18 became the most imminent FIFA ever WITH TRICHE fifa 18 . A football game is excellent for VR: Think of playing a match like being in the audience or as a player running first person through the field. We are already dizzy.

2. Ronaldo is still the best
He is on the cover of FIFA 18, won this season almost everything to win and is the new Gold Ball win. Ronnie remains the very best in the new FIFA, with that little Argentine in his wake.

Cristiano Ronaldo cover FIFA 18© EA Sports

1. The free demo will be in September
There are a number of certainties in life: you die, you have to pay tax and the new free fifa 18 coins comes out in the fall. Expect him at the stores in late September. You can expect the demo two weeks earlier.

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